Treachery… But… Show Must Go On…

You meet people, you drink and dine with them. You tell them storyes from your life, and they smile, telling you something about them too. You sleep with them. You gave them your trust, your soul, your heart, your friendship. Then you wake up. And when you wake up you see in the mirror the kitchen knife stuck to your naked back. Drop by drop your blood is pooring down the pavement. The people that were „ready to jump into the fire“ for you now look at you with embarrassment. And you look back at them surprised maybe… because it’s not exactly the first time you gave somebody your trust. And it’s not the first knife peeping our your back. Then you reach out to them, but realize that they can’t give you a hand anymore. You then reach for the knife and pull it out. You look at it still not believing it is happening… again… After a minute or two you smile. You look at them again, seeing the fear your smile brought in their eyes. And you wave at them with the knife still in your hand. They go one step back. You start laughting, drop the knife and turn your back on them, fading from the scene with every step…

After all… Show Must Go On…


~ от Джен на септември 22, 2006.

3 Коментари to “Treachery… But… Show Must Go On…”

  1. istoriqta e t1jna no i mnogo prekrasna

  2. Ujasno zle napisana.Neshto ochakvano ot sedmoklasnik.Gramatikata i spellinga sa mnogo zle

  3. уникална история

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