Sanity (part 1)

–          You’re going insane, you know that?

–          What? No, I’m not.

–          Oh, yes you are sweetie 🙂

–          And how do you know that?

–          Well… First of all… you’re talking in English… to yourself…

–          I’m not talking to myself, I’m talking to you. And by the way, you were the one who started it…

–          That’s not my point. I am you, you are me. I’m your subconscious… so you are talking to yourself…

–          Ok, me, why did you start talking to me? Can we just name you somehow, too many “me”-s is confusing.

–          I started the conversation, because you’re going crazy. And you can call me Andy 🙂

–          Greeeeat, my subconscious is a boy, how nice. :/

–          Uh, don’t change the subject here! It’s important!

–          What was the subject again?

–          …

–          Ok, ok! Why do you think I’m nuts?

–          Well, WE (you and I) think WE’RE crazy, because we’re talking, in English, and a few moments ago we were plotting to kill somebody.

–          We were? o.O

–          Yes.

–          And how is the English relevant?

–          Well, if WE remember well…

–          Stop talking in plural, you’re not Louis XIV!

–          Ah… ok… So, if I remember well, you speak in English only when you’re extremely frustrated and angry and you can’t control your emotions. Which is strange, having in mind that English is not your native language…

–          Keep to the point, you said it yourself, Andy.

–          Yes, yes, I know… So, you are angry and over emotional. And you have pictures of slowly and painfully killing certain people in your head.

–          Like?

–          Well, like taking a knife and a rope. First you grab your victim and tie him up, then you start stabbing him… and cutting pieces of him… Little by little, to make him suffer and keep him alive in the same time so he can suffer more… Than you take salt and put it in the wounds… and you stick your fingers in it like you want to tear the flesh apart…

–          Ewww, that’s grouse!

–          Yes it is. I’m pleased that we agree on that one.

–          And who is it that I want to kill?

–          Ah, we both know who. And why. You just don’t want to admit it. I suppose that the book you’re reading and the dark middle-age themed music are inspiring…

–          Mhm. You know I wouldn’t do it, right?

–          Yes, at least I would stop you. Guilt, pain, torment – there all mine, my weapons to stop you. I wouldn’t let you kill anybody, for heaven’s sake. The problem is that you’re in pain. You’re suffocating in it. All you want is for that person to say that he’s truly sorry and to make him understand your pain.

–          …

–          Well, that’s unlikely to happen. So get yourself together. Stop thinking stupid things, couse that won’t solve anything and will cause more problems.

–          Ok, I’ll try.

–          Good!

–          I’m getting tired. Maybe I’ll go to sleep.

–          That’s a good idea. Have nice dreams and sleep tight.

–          Goodbye, Andy, keep in touch! 🙂

–          Jeasus, woman, I AM YOU, how can I be more in touch?!? -.- Go to sleep already, I have other stuff to do…

–          Ok. By the way, why are you a boy?

–          That’s another story and another problem. We’ll discuss it another time when we don’t save a headache.

–          Uh, alright 😦 Goodnight, hugs and kisses 🙂 – and she went to Dreamland.

–          Crazy woman -.- Someday she’ll get us in trouble – thought Andy and continued his work on creating a nice Dreamland where she can feel peace, love and happiness… At least for a while…


~ от Джен на март 20, 2011.

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