Sanity (part 3)

–          So, what now, Andy? You can’t go back to her cause she hates you. Because you look just like me. Because she MADE you look like ME.

–          Don’t be so cocky you little son of a bitch. You were the problem five years ago, you were the problem two years ago and you are the problem now. You and your cold, empty soul. I may look like you, but I’m nothing like you!

–          Yes, but you see… you have some parts of me, some parts of her… It’s almost like you are our child, get it?

–          You’re sick.

–          So far, so good, so WHAT?

–          Why did you come again? Do you take pleasure in torturing her?

–          Yes and no. I come because she can’t or probably won’t let go. I like the thought that I am needed. But I’m not a big fan of torture.

–          Yeah, sure… At least she’s trying!

–          Trying?!? HOW?!? By making her subconscious male? By making you an exact copy of me? HOW GOD DAMN IT IS SHE TRYING TO FORGET IT AND MOVE FORWARD?!?

–          Don’t be so cynic. Every fucking time she is making the step forward you pop up from somewhere. The moment she is out of the grasp of her feelings for you, you come again. Like you have a deep telepathic connection to her. Why don’t you just admit it and get over it.

–          Admit what?

–          Your OWN feelings.

–          Now you are a bit cynic. It is true that I don’t want to lose her completely, but not in the way she wants me to want her. And she knows that. So do you.

–          That’s not the point.

–          Than what is? And don’t avoid answering me the question about your existence.

–          The point is that in whatever way you get close to her it hurts her. And about me… She needs a male figure she can lean on knowing she’s in safe hands. I do look like you, but like the you without the cold and apathetic stare.

The two men were sitting in the arbour by the lake. A girl riding a huge silver wolf was coming their way.

–          And so she comes. Look at the hilarious wolf…

–          Zip it. This is her world, if she wants a wolf 3 feet tall she can have it. I think you better leave.

–          I think you’re right, even if it sounds so bizarre. By the way, see that bush with the yellow-red roses? A little something…

–          …

Than one of them faded in the darkness. The girl stopped in front of the bush and picked one.

–          Hey, Andy, what are you doing?

–          Don’t you remember?

–          Remember what?

–          Never mind. Do you like them? – he approached her carefully. It seamed so she forgot the last time they saw each other.

–          Yes, they’re cute. Look like little fires. But they have awful thorns. – she sucked the blood from the scratch on her forefinger. – But I guess it’s normal, roses have thorns.

He smiled at her and put the rose in her hair, just like in a romantic fairy tale. “So does HE. And it hurts like hell when they scar you” he thought to himself as he put her back on the wolfs back… If only she could fall asleep like Aurora…


~ от Джен на ноември 22, 2011.

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