Не съм добра в писането на поезия, но просто така ми дойде… Не се случва за първи път, но пък реших да го напиша и пусна… Тъй и тъй не е имало скоро нов пост 🙂 Бъдете снизходителни 🙂


Remember, remember,
but I want to forget.
The things you have told me
even the day we have met.

You promised me poems,
then friendship and love.
The day you have left me
came like a strike from above.

All the words you have used,
all the hopes you have given…
But all those are lost
and the pain cannot be forgiven.

You’ve waited to hear it,
I was waiting to tell,
The way I was really feeling
before all went to hell.

I wanted to be chosen,
the way I chose you.
But you wanted me to say it,
when I didn’t you found someone new.

But now for regrets
I fear it’s too late,
‘Cause whatever I say,
nothing will change…

I love you and miss you,
not as a lover but a friend.
And I’m sorry this happened
and our relationship came to an end.

The rain has stopped falling,
so have my tears.
I wish you to be happy with her
in your following years.

This words will not reach you,
because the past is the past.
I just hope for some reason
I will feel better at last.

Remember, remember,
but, please, just forget
The love that I gave you
even the day we have met.

~ от Джен в април 25, 2014.

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