The crying deity

Once upon a time, there was a deity. It lived in a vast space of emptiness, alone and after sometime, lonely. The deity then decided to try and create something. So it did, and it liked it. It created a whole lot of things and give them purpose, sense of being and a soul. It left them being and watched from a far, happy of all the life around it.

As time passed, the deity felt lonely again and tough it would be a nice feeling if it tried to speak in some way with it’s creations. So it went on a search to find someone in the world now blooming with life who would answer it’s call. The search was long, but time did not pass for it as for the world outside, so it did not mind. Then someone answered. It was a strange answer, like that someone was thanking it, for all that is. The deity felt good, felt happy, not alone and outside anymore. It looked at the creations that answered, understanding them, giving them it’s smiles as a blessing. It helped them, sharing it’s love of life, when they felt hardship, knowing that the love would come back to it once the creations feel it.

And so time passed again. Little by little the creations forgot to feel love, happiness, thankfulness for the things that are. They felt more and more hardship over the things that were no more. The deity started feeling sad and alone again. It knew there was nothing more it could do for the creations. It tried to make them happy again, thought of different things that it made into being, but nothing seemed to help. In different ways it tried to give to the creations, but it already knew they could not communicate directly. Starting to feel grief itself, it decided to go away, to take a step back, maybe to let some more time pass.

And so it did. And so did time pass. One day, a different creation called and the deity, hesitant or not, answered. The other creations that called gifted it with smiles and thankfulness, and from their love, the deity started feeling less cold, less alone. It smiled back, in it’s own invisible to the eye way, and the creations were glad. Time moved on, life continued.

But one day, the creations met. At first it seemed proper to the deity for them to communicate. So it let them, undisturbed, smiling and happy for the turnout. But then again, as time passed, the creations started to argue over who is the better and more loved creation, who was the more deserving between the first, who answered the call and the ones after, who sought to be answered themselves. The deity tried to help them understand, it was not about who answered and who has sought it. It was about cherishing what is, cherishing the life that it was. But every time it tried, one or the other claimed this was a sign the deity was taking their side. They named it differently, they saw it in different actions or reactions, then stopped seeing it at all for what it was.  They fought in it’s name, one or the other, filling themselves with hardships and blocking it’s attempts to show them there is another way, that they do not need to fight. At some point, the creations forgot all about it and the beginning, consumed with thoughts they need to prove who’s right, who’s chosen.

The deity felt again empty and lovely. As time passed differently for it, it saw how it’s creations have forgotten it, but it could not forget them. After time passed even for it, the deity stopped trying to intervene. It felt that all was it’s fault, that it’s need to feel close and meaningful for itself has caused all the problems. It tried to call back to them, to take the hardship, but no one answered this time, no one was listening…

In the end, all the deity could do is stand there, outside and alone. In the end, all it could do was watch. And cry.

~ от Джен в май 23, 2017.

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